Free to participate!

Join us in singing and dancing to feel and enjoy a little COMMON BEAT!

On Feb. 21st, we’re going to have a special “all in English” musical workshop for foreigners.(The others are in Japanese).

If you like singing and dancing or want to make many kinds of new friends, come and join us!


COMMON BEAT is a non-profit organization whose goal is to promote a better society through creative activities such as performing musicals.

Since our program offers you various opportunities to work with others on the theme of “cross-cultural understanding,” you’ll learn how we all are different.

Furthermore, we put much value on accepting the differences between people because we believe that producing people who appreciate the meaning of “what makes us different, makes us beautiful” into the world can lead to a better.

<Information about COMMON BEAT Musical Workshop>

■Musical Workshop Schedule
(1) Feb. 7th (Sun) 1:00pm-5:00pm
(2) Feb. 21st (Sun) 1:00pm-5:00pm ←[All in English]
(3) Mar. 6th (Sun) 1:00pm-5:00pm
(4) Mar. 26th (Sat) 1:00pm-5:00pm

(1) Green College Hall
※5-min walk from Shimura-Sanchome Sta./Toei Mita line

(2) Sakuragawa-chiiki center
※15-min walk from Tokiwa-dai Sta./Tobu Tojo line

(3・4) Arakawa General Sports Center
※10-min walk from Minami-Senju Sta./Hibiya line or JR Joban line

■Who Can Participate?
・People over 18 years old (High school students are not allowed)
・People who are interested in a 100-day, 100-person musical program


・Ice-breaking games
・World dance time →Yosakoi (a traditional Japanese dance) and more!
・Singing musical numbers
・Overview about COMMON BEAT musical program
・After drinks party (for those who want to drink!)

■Items to Bring
・Exercise clothes
・Indoor sports shoes
・A black ballpoint pen
・Towel (We’ll move a lot!)
・Joyful hearts

■Application (Please choose ①or②.)


Subject: 35th Musical Workshop
・The date you want to come(①Feb.7th ②Feb.21st[All in English]
③Mar.6th ④Mar.26th/You can join as many times as you want.)
・E-mail address
・Phone number
・How do you know about this workshop?
(Eg: Website, friends, Facebook, flyer, etc)
・Participation for drinks party after the workshop (Yes/No/Undecided)

■Closing day of Application
The day before each musical workshop

<The 35th 100-day, 100-person Program in Tokyo>

■Program Schedule
April to August, 2016

Nerima Bunka Center

■Performance Dates
Aug.13th (Fri) and 14th (Sat) 2016

■About Rehearsals
・Almost on every weekend from April 23rd to August 7th
・10am to 6pm
・Training camp once a month

<Contact us>
COMMON BEAT office staff
Mihoko Arai